Beta Bonanza

The results for the Beta Bonanza are in!

Our first big tournament Beta Bonanza, was a success! On November 23rd, 64 Artifact players battled it out for the champion title! The tournament used a Swiss style format, versus a traditional bracket. Swiss means that each player continues to the next round, even when losing a round. Instead of being eliminated, a Win/Loss score is tracked throughout the set-amount of rounds. In the Beta Bonanza, there were 5 swiss rounds, that passed the top 8 players into a Finals bo3(Best of 3) bracket.
Over the course of 5 swiss rounds, many players proved themselves as skillful players. However, 2 players in particular stood out. Those players were RobAJG (@RobAJG), member of Team Liquid, and Somnialn (@InSomnianin), member and CEO of team WeHot. These players stood out during the Swiss rounds, by going completely undefeated with a score of 5-0 into the finals.

The players that made it to the top 8 Finals, out of 64 players were: Somnialn, RobAJG, GrappLr, Hellscreamer, Tenchuu, Ararat, RazDva, and JonesAF.

Here is a preview of the Finals Bracket.

The Semi-Finals match found our Swiss round champions, RobAJG and Somnialn battling it off for a place in the Final match. RobAJG, rocking a mean Green/Blue deck, fielding Kanna, Ogre Magi, Treeant, Drow Ranger, and Zeus. While Somialn, repping the Black/Red, with Axe, Bristleback, Phantom Assasin, Bounty Hunter, and Legion Commander. These matches were incredible to watch, in the end Somnialn taking himself into the Finals, with a 2-0 against RobAJG.

The Final match pitted the undefeated Somnialn versus RazDva, both hailing from Eastern Europe, and RazDva getting his starts into Artifact from the community-made mod for Tabletop Simulator. RazDva running a a Red/Green deck, with Axe, Bristleback, Omniknight, Treeant, and Legion. Both players would find themselves with a single victory, putting them each at 1-1 against eachother. The final round was a brutal one, each player equally worrying about their defense as they are their offense.
In the end though, RazDva would claim his victory, over his opponent. I spoke with RazDva, asking him how he brought home his victory, and what he drew for inspiration when creating his deck. He responded:
Regarding the deck, I initially liked the combination of green and red and heroes, I made the backbone of the deck, and began to gradually replace choosing the best cards for it. Due to the fact that I didn’t like the stories about the ramp deck being imbalanced (referring to the tournament from the shark), I started using green heroes exclusively to strengthen the lines by abandoning the ramp principles. And over time, I managed to make a competingly capable deck that can win on any meta deck. I played it to show that there are a lot of other possible combinations in the artifact that can show very good results. Playing in the expert ranking, I currently reached a score of 21-6. In my victory, I was certainly helped by the experience of playing TTS, I am grateful to everyone who played with me. I also think that this tournament was only the beginning, many good players have not yet been able to collect good cards. And in the next tournaments we will see more good plays.

I also spoke to Somnialn regarding his inspiration, he responded:
Well, Lifecoach had double bounty deck in Draft with Horn. He placed full set of 3-gold items+horn to find it easy and cards for gold to buy a Horn. I tried to make it in Constructed. After two 5-1 runs I registered it. Its in meta :smiley: I'm not sure i doing well in Artifact, but i practice 16-20 hours/day to have a chance in this game. Thanks for your tournament!

I think it is quite clear that these two players are going to go very far in Artifact. I would expect to definitely see these players in the future.

Here are the decklists, used by each Finals participant:
1st place - RazDva Red / Green Deck
2nd place - Somnialn Red / Black Deck
3rd/4th place - RobAJG Blue / Green Deck
3rd/4th place - Ararat Red / Blue Deck
5th-8th place - Tenchuu Red / Black Deck
5th-8th place - JonesAF Red / Blue Deck
5th-8th place - GrappLr Red / Black Deck
5th-8th place - Hellscreamer Blue / Green Deck

This article was written and edited by Garesnap(@garesnap). Garesnap is the founder of

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